Trawlers in Norway.Year 2023. List number 5

List number 5.

from 1-1-2023 to 5-10-2023

now have 8 trawlers in Norway caught over 4000 tons,

and Sunderöy with 1274 tons in 1 trip mostly with cod and with that is now number 1
Atlantic Stars 1022 tons in 1
Havbryn 1529 tons in 2 trips
Granit 1801 tons in 1 and most of that was haddock  ( hyse) 918 tons

Ishavet 1228 tons in 1
Ramoen 1340 tons in 1
J.Bergvoll 1022 tons in 2
Doggi 861 tons in 3 trips

Granit Pic Frode Adolfsen

SeatSeat before
LengthFishingTripsMost tn in trip
18Sunderöy N-200-Ö774565.861274.0
26Atlantic Star M-110-G744556.151428.0
311Havbryn M-325-H694551.051488.0
41Nordtind N-6-VV804219.671246.0
522Granit H-11-AV814201.831801.0
62Kongsfjord TF-50-BD804193.661235.0
73Gadus Njord N-125-VV684164.07944.0
85Gadus Poseidon F-32-BD694009.07886.0
921Ishavet M-11-A743827.841228.0
109Gadus Neptun F-55-BD693785.69921.0
1117Magne Arvesen TF-2-I693751.151100.0
1216Breidtind TF-20-T803737.851053.0
1324Ramoen M-1-VD753726.931340.0
1414Molnes M-69-G663641.58698.0
1515Hermes F-7-L553631.68578.0
164Senja TF-1-T803599.641513.0
1718Rypefjord F-38-H533582.815447.0
1810Holmöy N-50-SO693479.961015.0
1919Doggi F-14-H393467.817311.0
207Atlantic Viking M-68-G743395.641357.0
2130J.Bergvoll T-1-H573003.110556.0
2226Havtind N-10-H592954.58717.0
2327Batsfjord N-47-VV502911.814424.0
2412Vesttind N-30-H602871.09505.0
2513Kagtind II T-19-H642867.46743.0
2631Prestfjord N-445-Ö652821.841026.0
2720Nordstar M-85-G752607.85765.0
2829Synes M-65-G542524.97500.0
2923Langöy N-100-SO742388.931205.0
3032Langenes M-35-A562386.95632.0
3128Remöy M-99-HÖ742371.741051.0
3225Arctic Swan TF-125-A642338.13979.8
3333Nokasa TF-110-BD451376.85358.0
3434Haltentral M-206-H34944.87186.0
3536Nordbas M-30-G60853.64409.0
3635Havfjord AG-1-K36546.51269.2
3737Rebekka L VL-43-KI28358.91098.4
3838Tenor VA-19-S28317.23134.7
3940Tempo VA-18-S27234.54939.9
4039Monsun AG-3-K36202.42226.7
4141Victoria May VL-267-KI2449.2225.5