New Nygrunn N-225-VV to Norway

This page that you are seeing is own by me Gísli Reynisson, and i live in Iceland close to Keflavíkur airport

i was in a town of Hafnarfjörður now today 20.maý and there i saw a brand new boat name Nygrunn N-225-VV

This boat is own by Örjan Sandnes and his brother Ketil Sandnes from Leknes in norway

Örjan has had an older boat that name is Nygrunn now for 15 year, and that boat 

was build in the year 1971 and been in the family since 1971 first his father and grandfather own the boat

and sinse 2006 Örjan has had the old boat

Örjan told aflafrettir that he did sign a contract to Trefjar in Iceland in juny 2019, and the plan was to 

have the new boat finish in desember 2020,

but corona virus did delayed the boat for 6 months 

Aflafrettir congratulate Örjan and his brother with the new boat

Pics Gísli Reynisson 

Old Nygrunn, Pic Martin Rist Angelsen