Háey I ÞH 295 new boat to Iceland

In Iceland company name GPG and is located in the North of Iceland in towns of Húsavík, Raufarhöfn and Bakkafjörður.

GPG has one 500 tons autoline boat name Jökull ÞH and 2  , 17 tons boat that fish with autoline,

This 2 boats name Halldór NS and Háey II ÞH.

Now the company has got a brand new boat, of type Vikingur 30, and the new boat name is Háey I ÞH 295.

The new boat is 13,74 meters long and measure 29,8 tons.

Wide is 5,5 meters.

This boat is design by Ráðgarður in Iceland.

And here is a video that you can see  in side this boat.  

Pics Gísli Reynisson