10 Trawlers in ICeland with almost 7000 tons

Fishing for the trawlers in iceland now in november was pretty good.,

in total 16 trawler did fish over 500 tons,

11 trawler fish over 600 tons,

and 5  trawler fish over 700 tons,

Biggest fishing trip was from Akurey AK that came with 212 tons in one trips

All these trawlers are fishing in ice,  not freezer trawlers

in total 10 trawler did fish total of 6957 tons 

Kaldbakur EA was with 794 tons in 6

Drangey SK 753 tons in 5

Viðey RE 730 tons in 6

Helga María AK 707 tons in 5

Björgúlfur EA 704 tons in 5

Björgvin EA 677 tons in 6

Akurey AK 673 tons in 5

Sirrý ÍS 651 tons in 8, this trawler is the smallest of thew that are on top 10. full load is about 111 tons of fish

while the others trawlers can have up to and over 200 tons in a trip.

Akurey AK pic Siddi Árna